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Q1 | I have some unpaid rents, but the tenants left their apartment without leaving their new address... What steps can I take to recover my money?


The 1st step consist to locate the new address of your delinquent tenant.

The 2nd step will be to go present yourself at the Rental Board of Québec to complete an application for unpaid rent or abandonment in order to sue your delinquent tenants.

The 3rd step your need to serve your claim for non-payment or abandonment by registered mail or by a bailiff to ensure that your delinquent tenants are aware of the situation.

The 4th step requires that you wait for your Notice of Hearing to determine the date at which you must appear at the Rental Board to plead your case before a commissioner to get a decision.

The 5th step is a most difficult part of the process when in comes to enforce your rental board decision . In this final step you will need to re-validate the adress and/or employment of your delinquent tenants. Once this is done, you will need to hire a bailiff to enforce the decision by seizure.

Any other solution?
The answer is yes. You can sell your judgment (unpaid financial claims) and free yourself from this endless burden. This solution is possible with our affiliate Gestion Jugements Québec which will offer you the opportunity to buy your delinquent tenants unpaid judgement.

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Q2 | A close friend asked me to lend him $ 1,500 to get his car repaired and said he would pay me back in 6 months… How can I make sure that I’ll get my money back?


First, the interpretation of the borrower’s credit record would be the most appropriate solution to reduce the risk you take as a lender, because you will thus have an idea of his payment habits and patterns.

Second, a credit investigation will be useful to get an idea of his level of indebtedness, if applicable.

Third, it would be a good idea to verified the real owns.

Assistance Investigation could help you in all these researches by checking and interpreting for you the bank accounts, card credit, title search, RDPRM and vehicles identification.

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Q3 | Has my future tenant previously sued his former owner before the Rental Board, such as fixing rent?... How can I check?


You can consult the Rental Board public database which is accessible to everyone on their premises. However, you may encounter some problems since their search engine is broad and imprecise especially if, for example, the name to check is “John Smith”, you may get numerous results without knowing if it is really your future tenant.

So, how can you be sure?
The answer is very simple with a pre-lease inquiry of your future tenant.

Assistance Investigation will not only help you verify the information at the Rental Board for all past convictions, fixing of rent, retraction, etc., but will also analyze the credit report and verify the references. And all this with the date of birth or the social insurance number.

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Q4 | We must hire new employees… What should we do to improve our security, manage risk and avoid losses (internal theft, fraud, protection of privacy, etc.)?


A first selection will have to be made by examining the information provided by the candidates (curriculum vitae, job application form). Asking a few simple questions through a telephone pre-interview will enable to select the best candidates for the position you need to fill. However, this step is still very basic; you must therefore dig down a little deeper.

A face-to-face interview will be inevitable and will allow you to get a better picture of the candidate in general, but on its own, this step still remains unreliable, because it is based on your “feelings”.

Step 1 – One of the ways to protect yourself will be to perform reference checks, for example, by calling the previous employers and asking them a few questions. This will allow you to check the accuracy of the answers provided during the interview and the information shown on the C.V.

Step 2 – The credit check will allow you to check if your future employee as not been the object of a bankruptcy or wage garnishment for example.

Step 3 – The ultimate way to protect yourself will be to perform a criminal record background check to choose a trustworthy employee.

Assistance Investigation will allow you to get an accurate picture of your candidates by checking their references and previous jobs, credit worthiness (credit report, bankruptcy, wage garnishment) and criminal record on the docket.

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Q5 | I’m getting married soon… I’d like to send an invitation to my childhood friend, but I’ve lost track of him... Is there a way that would allow me to find


Assistance Investigation will help you find this cherished person for your big day, which you lost sight of over the years. Our experts will find your childhood friend using your memories so that all those who count for you will attend your wedding and so you can renew your past friendship. Only some information are required, for example: name, approximate age, school names, etc.

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Q6 | After 2 years, I finally obtained a judgement in my favor from the Court of Quebec, small claims division, but now what should I do to have it enforced?


If you know the home address or where your debtor works, you simply have to hire a Bailiff to make a seizure, but this is not a guarantee of success and sometimes, by the time you receive the judgment you will have lost his track. So, what can be done? In such case, you can always count on Assistance Investigation to help you locate or track your debtors.

Or another solution …You can sell your judgment (unpaid financial claims) and free yourself from this endless burden. This solution is possible with our affiliate Gestion Jugements Québec which will offer you the opportunity to buy your delinquent tenants unpaid judgement.

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Q7 | As a lawyer/notary, I’ve accumulated some unpaid accounts receivable... Well, I’ve tried to institute a wage garnishment, but it didn’t work. So now, what can I do to check my debtors' creditworthiness before engaging any further legal actions?


The solution to take on the relevance and/or the level of risk involved to a partnership is to proceed with a localisation of the source of income and a criminal record credit check.

Assistance Investigation will help you determine his quality by verifying the credit record, the assets and liabilities, by checking the bank accounts, income sources, RDPRM, the Quebec Enterprise Register Computer Centre (CIDREQ) and Courts’ dockets.

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Q8 | I’ve been appointed testamentary executor, but I do not know where an heir is... How can I find him/her?


Assistance Investigation will help you find an heir with only some information to help you complete your mandate.

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Q9 | As building manager, I don’t have enough time to manage the collection of all my rents. I want to give this responsibility to a concierge employee, realtor... Am I allowed to check his criminal background to avoid any potential for fraud?


Obviously with his consent, you have the right to do so, and it is also in your best interest to perform such verification.

Moreover, Assistance Investigation will not only urge for criminal background checks, but could also assist you in providing an overall picture of your concierge. How?

By adding a pre-employment or pre-lease verification to give you a maximum of tools to protect yourself

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Q10 | My ex-spouse owes me alimony, but he just moved and I don't know where he lives now... What can I do?


The localization of your ex-spouse’s new address is necessary as well as a credit check.

Investigation Assistance will help you find your ex-spouse with the few information you have in your possession so that you can assert your rights.

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