Before you engage with an individual in a business or on a personal financial project, it is always more prudent and advantageous to prevent risks. Let us investigate for you and establish the financial picture of the person concerned. A partnership may seem like an advantage at first glance, but quickly turn into a disaster. Do we really know the people we do business with? Do they have a hidden criminal record? A history of fraud, bankruptcy or even a criminal one? These are all crucial details before embarking on different projects with an individual.

In case the damaging situation has already happened. Would you like to start proceedings against this individual? Is the cost worth it?

In the event that the convicted person is not solvent, all the procedures and costs associated with the legal research will be disbursed without result. We can do these checks for you. You will then have peace of mind to begin your legal proceedings or to execute a judgment.


  • New business partner
  • Pursuit of an individual, is he solvent?
  • Enforce a judgment of the court
  • Hidden defects

We can not prevent the bad intentions of a future partner, but we can reduce the risk by observing the facts: Solvency Investigation



The verification of the financing of a property (as guarantee, debt or any other type of right) is the main source of research for the RDPRM. Often used to ensure repayment of debts associated with a vehicle. Once the purchase is made, you could end up with the debt of another individual who has not made his payments or bankruptcy obligations and the bank must take back the vehicle. It also gives us access to the marital status of a person. The RDPRM informs us of the name of the liquidator of an estate, the associated property or the renunciation if it takes place.

  • Vehicle purchase
  • Verification of the matrimonial regime
  • Avoid buying an indebted property
  • Succession



Rentals, Employment, Volunteering, Visa, etc. are areas where criminal and civil histories are recommended or even required. A simple overview of the background can give you a good idea about the individual in front of you and could impact your entrepreneurial decisions. The image of a company or organization is of great importance. Do not let an individual tarnish your company’s reputation with a hidden file.

  • Rental of housing
  • New hiring
  • Volunteers or employment in a community where the clientele is described as vulnerable
  • Visa Application
  • Citizenship and immigration procedures
  • Application for a work permit
  • Certificate of Good Conduct



The assets search inquiry will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. What kind of occupation and in what field could they have been associated with in recent years? How many companies, shareholders and directors are connected to their project? Are they owners of buildings, if so how many, what addresses? Do they have assets and good liquidity? Which bank do they use? Do they have property, vehicles or any other item of seizable securities? Have they ever had problems with justice? Lawsuits for fraud? Let us find this information for you. We have a team in place specifically for this type of investigation.

This inquiry will inform you about the full financial bearing of the individual or company with whom you would like to go in business. In most cases, the acquisition of a partnership is made in order to develop and expand your professional challenges. The solvency inquiry will give you confirmation that there are no hidden defects in your agreement and that all cards are on the table. We will confirm the transparency of the individual or the company. Take the lead, be alert for your plans and let us investigate.

  • Address
  • Occupation
  • Banking information
  • Buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Credit
  • Criminal record

Hiring the services of Investigation Assistance means ensuring that you have an experienced and experienced team in the field of investigation.

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