Localization is the most used way to find the address or employment of a designated subject.

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You must send a formal notice, a registered letter, or serve a tenant for the Rental Board?

You will need the address locator service. A service offered by Investigative Assistance within a reasonable time following your request. We can also provide you an expedited service according to your request. Fees will be added to put your file first in front of all our requests already started.

  • You must enforce a judgment?
  • Do you want to serve an individual for the court?
  • Do you want to send a formal notice?



Is a salary available for a possible seizure?


Once the individual is located, you may need to check if the subject is solvent, or if he is employed for a pay garnishment. To make sure you do not go through all the work without results, the income testing service could be a good insurance to start or not.

  • Can you garnish the salary?
  • Is he on social welfare?
  • Is he retired?



Want to reconnect with a loved one for a special event?

Anything related to research for personal and non-corporate purposes: A screening to reconnect with an old friendship, a family member for a reunion or for an application for a will are examples.

It is important to note that for this type of location, Assistance Investigation requests the payment before the start of the investigation.

It is equally important to note that it is possible that the individual you want to find does not want to reconnect with you. In this case, Investigation Assistance will not send you the information. We will keep the information confidential at the request of the subject. You will be made aware of the negative findings of the investigation because of non-disclosure of information by the subject.

  • Former acquaintances
  • Conventum meeting
  • Marriage
  • Estate or inheritance
  • Find a family member


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